FIRSTtx Relief Device

The FIRST relief technology offers fast, long-lasting pain relief without drugs or surgery. The FIRSTtx relief device is a FDA-cleared, hand held medical device for the elimination, reduction and management of acute, chronic and post-operative pain. The FIRSTtx is proudly made and serviced in the United States. The FIRSTtx is the FIRST choice for drug free treatment or management of pain.

The FIRSTtx is the FIRST simple, easy to use and operate pain device, and can be used with minimal instruction to immediately relieve pain. For a detailed explanation of the FIRSTtx relief technology, and why it's so effective, click here to download the FIRSTtx White Paper.

The FIRSTtx is sold by prescription only (except where not required by law). Simple instructions for completing the prescription process will be provided by email after you complete your purchase.

International purchases will have local taxes added prior to shipment (e.g. VAT will be added to UK purchases).
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Price: $1,995

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