• My wife sustained a serious spinal cord injury over sixteen years ago which resulted in intense residual pain. She tried this technology and received six treatments, after which she was able to withdraw from all pain medications. – Rick E. Carter

    Rick E. Carter
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Are You Experiencing Pain
And Nothing Seems To Help?

Chronic Pain

The FIRSTtx can provide effective management of chronic pain without surgery or medications.

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Recent Injury

For most injuries, including sports injuries, the FIRSTtx may be the only pain relief solution you’ll need.

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Post Surgery

Minimize or even avoid pharmaceutical pain medications & their potential problems.

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Find out how it’s being used by health professionals to treat everyday pain right through to pro athletes.

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Whether your pain just showed up out of nowhere or is something you’ve been struggling with for years, we’re here to help

What is FIRSTtx Pain Management?

In Plain English

  • A totally non-invasive pain management device. Simply place it on your skin and it gets to work.
  • The FIRSTtx uses your body’s own natural pain medications… endorphins. You can expect not only pain relief, but quicker recovery and healing times.
  • Our satisfied customers explain it best. Watch their real life stories here.

In Scientific Terms

  • A biofeedback microcurrent medical device involving no drugs or surgery. It delivers non-toxic, computer modulated, therapeutic neurostimulation.
  • Endorphins are peptides that activate the body’s pain receptors, causing an analgesic effect, facilitating physiological reactions.
  • For a deeper scientific understanding of the FIRSTtx technology, download our White Paper here.

The Purpose of FIRSTtx Pain Management is To Stimulate the Body’s Own Natural Healing Processes

Your health relies on the continuous exchange of information within the body. Each and every function of the body is interrelated and works in harmony with other functions – that is until stress, injury or disease disrupts that communication. The FIRSTtx simply has a conversation with the pain centers of your brain via your nervous system. The FIRSTtx sends gentle neural signals that travel up through your nerve endings, triggering a healing response back to the area of pain. SIMPLE!

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